10th edition of the Fondation Rougerie competition

"Current events remind us so strongly: today, more than ever, we have to meet the major societal and environmental challenges of our planet" declares the architect and oceanographer Jacques Rougerie, member of the Institute and initiator of the Jacques Rougerie Génération Espace Mer Foundation. (…) We must think differently, with daring and determination, the fashions and frameworks of tomorrow by relying on the riches and intelligence of nature and by creating links between the sciences and the arts. "

On December 9, 2020, at the Institut de France in Paris, the tenth edition of the great international competition created by the Foundation will take place, which highlights innovative architectural projects inspired by nature, imagined by young professionals. Since its origin, more than 8,000 projects have come from 135 countries, which were presented. With this competition, the Foundation "(les) invite to imagine daring, visionary projects, in phase with the great challenges of humanity" : "The human must be placed at the heart of (their) project" and "this will be based on bio-mimicry, an infinite source of inspiration", she specifies because, "From the outset, nature has designed and manufactured the best, it designs the most beautiful shapes, the most elegant curves and produces the best materials."

"Today more than ever, new forms of housing and mobility, new inventive and economical lifestyles must be designed for the 10 billion human beings that we will be in 2050 and three-quarters of whom will live near shores and will be particularly subject to the challenges of rising sea levels. In addition, prospective work on habitat in space has never been so ambitious. Action must be taken to preserve and build the future of 'humanity." Jacques Rougerie Generation Space Foundation.

Six prizes with 2,500 to 7,500 euros

The innovative biomimetic architectural projects for the Oceans, for Space or for the Coast will be examined by a jury of professionals assembled for the occasion to determine the winners of the three proposed Grand Prizes – whose endowment amounts to each 7,500 euros – and three Focus Prizes – allowing to win for each, € 2,500: The Grand Prize "Innovation and Architecture for the Sea", and its Focus price "The village under the sea" ; the Innovation and Architecture Grand Prize for Space and its Focus price, "The Lunar Village" and finally, the Innovation and Architecture Grand Prix linked to the rise of the Oceans and its Focus Prize "The African coast. "

"The international crisis we are experiencing demonstrates that we need to deeply change our models and act to build a sustainable and resilient future." Jacques Rougerie

Applications are open until September 30, 2020, on the Foundation website.