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News Techcology – The residents of Greenacres angered the housebuilder's bonus

News Technology – The residents of Greenacres angered the builder's allowance
Residents of Persimmon's residential development who have been incomplete for years have expressed their anger with a huge £ 130 million bonus for the housebuilder boss. Mail on Sunday unveiled two weeks ago that Jeff Fairburn is set to stretch £ 50m shares at the end of this month thanks to a lucrative plan that came into force in 2012. In total, it is about £ 130m from the incentive-linked performance scheme. The enormous repayment has angered residential buyers, who many years ago were transferred to their new homes in Greenacres estate – we look forward to the day the builders finished, leaving them with safe, smooth surface streets, a beautifully landscaped park and a Playground. But three years later the workers are moving elsewhere, the residents are still waiting for everything promised when they agreed to buy their property. The first house in Greenacres, Stotfold, Bedfordshire, was built already in 2008. However, some streets have not yet been parked, and a park, playground, football pitch and picturesque pond – all promised residents – have not been built. Percymmon worked with Taylor Wybey on the estate of 650 homes. Reporters reported the rise of the Percimenon shares that fueled Fairburn's enormous benefit came partly from the Help to Buy initiative supported by taxpayers and started in 2013. The Greenacres residents also attacked the company's bonus program, rewarded 150 executives and regional directors with approximately £ 800 million worth of shares in total. the share plan was aimed at encouraging management and strengthening the stock price. However, homebuyer Stewart Hopkirk said about Fairburn's share bonus: "There is a moral and moral issue there." He adds: "The problem I have with Persimmon is that it is awarding new contracts each month. How is this right when they have made a programming application with specific clauses for this development and have been forgiven by these clauses? Nothing happened within five years. Hopkirk said his home looks from Percymmon on his website to promote his job, but the picture does not show the rough, unarmed road surface out. The mother of the three Rachel Yates, nine, has fallen more than three times in 18 months on the way to school because of unfinished roads and curbs. The roads outside the preschool are not safe for children, he added. "Harry had travels and scratches, but my main concern is something a lot worse could happen soon," he said. "How can you build a preschool school on a road that has no security measure?" David Stoller, one another buyer who is unhappy said that people had moved because the work is incomplete, adding: "Many people moved here and did not become the dream they sold." We do not ask for anything that did not promise seven years ago. "Some residents of Greenacres they believe that the impasse is due to the fact that there were two developers, both leaving the job to each other. Homeowners who bought the houses of Persimmon elsew