News Breaking – CITY DIARY: The lotus boss can get cards from the book of Warren Buffet

Housebuilder Persimmon, born in York, has Jeff Fairburn's £ 47million £ 47million £ 42,800 pay for his car insurance, health insurance and, impressively, "some phone charges". 51-year-old Fairburn would have to get a sheet from Warren Buffett's book. The filters show that the moderate billionaire recently returns Berkshire Hathaway £ 43,000 for written and phone calls. With the Information Commissioner investigating Cambridge Analytica through his links to Facebook, perhaps the clever but awkward parliamentary private secretary of Kwasi Kwarteng, Chancellor Philip Hammond, may provide information to CA's Gatsby head, Alexander Nix, who was filming proposing to send Ukrainian francs to polish political opponents. It was the same year together in Eton. Creepy former Nix City lawyer, 42, was known to colleagues as "Bertie". Former public relations chief Uber, Rachel Whetstone, had a reputation for the taxi company, according to Business Insider, it is difficult to work, become easily upset or even absurd. " But her loyalty to the founder of the company, Travis Kalanick, 41, from all accounts a horrible creature. But Rachel, 49, has dealt with her fair share of them. He spent three years working for former Tory leader Michael Howard. My story about HSBC's $ 1.5 million HSBC chairman, Barca Tucker, HSBC, has arrived for an interview with PwC with two black eyes and two missing teeth. Tucker's most beautiful moment, as I said, was to go for Barnet along with England's legendary opponent, Jimmy Greaves, 78, then taking his twilight years for the offside side. launched an advertising campaign under the reassuring slogan: "Take a Flight or Fly Air France". Exciting. Unfortunately, the union of the embarrassing pilots of the carrier plans to hit on Friday.
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