The Sims 4 – House – Golden 3Million SQ – Part 1

Hi guys, a very big and expensive construction. Construction is priced at 3 million and using much gold for this building. My entire construction took about 17 hours of construction time. There will be a total of 4 parts for this construction.

There are almost all of this in this construction. I even have a set of movies for this build. This part focuses on the main layout of the house, and especially on the first floor of the house. Hope you guys like it :))

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Music used:
1. Lucid Dreamer – Spazz Cardigan (Youtube Audio Library)
2. The Night In Your Car – Spazz Cardigan (Youtube Audio Library)

Cheats used:
bb.moveobjects – Move objects freely
bb.showhiddenobjects – Show hidden objects and type & debug & # 39; in the search bar for more details
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement – Unlock your career achievements

Download it in Gallery: GOLDEN 3MILLION SQ

Here is the link to download the house at sims 4:.