Teen started building a small home without mortgage in just 18!

In this video, we meet Josh and Lindsay, a couple from Ontario, Canada, planning to move to their own custom, handmade miniature home this summer. Josh was inspired to start building this tiny house just 18 years after watching a YouTube video for a teenager who is building a tiny house in the US. Jose took a job in the summer and saved enough money to buy a trailer car at the end of the season and has since been working in the tiny house (for three years!). He has built and funded individually every aspect of the tiny house – except for the foam insulation he had installed – and says he took so much to build the house because he did not want to go into debt with the project.

His girlfriend Josh Lindsay discovered his plans to live in a tiny house on their first date and quickly managed to convince her that living in a small space without a mortgage was the key to starting a life together on the right foot.

The couple, now only 21 years old, plans to certify the tiny house as a RV so that it can park it all year in an RV park or find land in a small town that allows small houses. They hope that their freedom to have a lifestyle without rent and without a mortgage will allow them to travel longer and spend time doing the things they love.

The tiny house is built on an 18-foot tug and has a 3-foot deck on the back. THOW (small house with wheels) has 2 lofts: one with 2 sheds and extra windows to make the bedroom area bright and airy, and another loft at the other end of the house for storage and / or a second sleeping area.

The kitchen cabinets, the ready-made storage bench, the wardrobes and his "own and his" office were also custom built by Josh.

The roof is covered with permanent metal seams, and the house itself is steep with cedar to give a warm, warm look.

Josh was passionate about building from an early age and this tiny house plan convinced him that he would help others build a tiny house to help them live their ideal lifestyle without debt, this started the Red Door Company Tiny Homes. He can sell plans or help with building a tiny house.

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