Homelessness: Lessons from Syria on how the sense of the place is being destroyed

As part of the Beautiful Month of our Building, the Syrian architect and writer Marwa Al-Sabouni spoke to the Exchange Policy on "The Loss of the Home". Marwa appeared in a conversation with Sir Roger Scruton and was presented by MEP Tom Tugendhat.

About the event

Loss of the home has become a global epidemic. Many cities around the world face comparable housing crises – albeit with a variety of causes. In her work, Marwa Al-Sabouni connects urban and architectural transformations that took place with Syrian cities before the war in the ongoing "Armageddon" that her country had experienced during her. In this discussion, Marwa explains the context of the Syrian housing crisis and the loss of home facing millions, the creation of informal information and their place in the conflict and how to deal with these problems.

About Marwa Al-Sabouni

Marwa Al-Sabouni is a Syrian architect and writer of the Battle for the House, published by the Thames and Hudson in 2016. He is Prince Claus's 2018 eldest and was named as one of the top Prize-winners for the Pritzker 2018 Architecture Prize. TED Talk was chosen from the best TED talks of 2016 and examined over 900,000 times. He also participated as one of the top 10 experts in Syrian reconstruction. He holds a doctoral diploma in architectural design. Marwa spoke earlier in the Exchange Policy through a video link at a 2016 City and Citizen event: Building for the Community.

About the Exchange Exchange building Beautiful month

This November, in what we call the Beautiful Month Building, Policies Exchange makes three public events for housing and architecture, and also publishes a collection of essays on popular design and style and its significance for new homebuilding. The Beautiful Month Building brings together architects, designers, builders and policymakers to look at the most important domestic issue of our time – the housing supply crisis and the importance of design, style and architecture for its solution. Here is the poll and our report on the agenda, which showed that the public is more likely to consent to new homes when they are built on designs and styles that are popular. Speakers of the event will include Rt Hon James Brokenshire, Sir Roger Scruton, Marwa Al-Sabouni and many others.

About focusing the exchange policy on the site

So much of the division into our politics and society revolves around a sense of place or lack. Who we are? In which communities do we believe we belong? Who are we ready to make sacrifices? These are key issues that encompass politics in everything from housing development and public service delivery to the decentralization and future of Britain outside the European Union.

The exchange of policies begins a new debate on the importance of the place, explaining how it shapes our policy, from local to national, from the smaller village to the nation-state. We will explore how the political levers of the state, such as housing, infrastructure and decentralization, are changing rapidly. And we will explain how it is possible to make a change of generation in the way communities are built. It is, we firmly believe, it is possible to turn the developing communities into real and beautiful settlements, where everyone can call home. .