Manor 9 House design (mansion) Design of residential houses

In this video I will design a house after life 9 because there is a great design of a mansion and an anti-theft home design, so mix 😂 In this video I will review the life of the game after building a mansion architectural design in life after, and again who played the game after the design of the mansion 9 and above.
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Game Link:

Buildings Material:

Floor (91)
Wall (25)
Half wall (24)
Low wall (15)
Folding wall type 3 (13)
Window A (6)
Window B (12)
Window C (2)
Door frame (8)
Door (3)
Published fence (8)
Fence (6)
Type 3 roof (10)
Type 3 External Can Stock (12)
Inner corner type 3 (6)

Total (260)

Note: The minimum accommodation 9, the mansion 8 may but because, you have to delete some buildings that you think are less important.

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