Raw Voices Podcast # 43 – The Little House Builder (with Andrew Morrison)

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Andrew Morrison is a tiny house maker, but also a teacher, a consultant, a lab leader, a motivated speaker and a writer.
This man does it all!
Andrew and the personal experience of his family with tiny homes came while living in the "American dream" home. Frustrated by the sense of being slaves, they withdrew 90 percent of their cosmic objects, bought a trailer set and spent about five months reassessing what they meant as "home" for them while they lived in Mexico.
Andrew and his wife, Gabriella, are the creators of "hOMe," the modern miniature house of 207 SF (+110 SF in lofts). They live and work at home on a full-time basis, out of the network, without debts.

Some topics we covered:
– What prompted Andrew to live and build tiny houses?
– Why do you have more space does not mean more happiness?
– Why is the Tiny House movement still strong and growing?
– How do you live in a tiny house can save mankind? .