This is a lotto home! Jackpot winners £ 108m exchange their suburban half with this £ 5m mansion

This is a lotto home! $ 108 million jackpot winners exchange their suburban sub-basement for this £ 5 million mansion … with eight bedrooms, 400 acres and its lake

This time last year, Neil Trotter lived in a three-bedroom suburban semi-basement on a busy main road.

But since then it has moved somewhat more desirable, having earned £ 108 million to become the fourth-largest winner of the British League.

The former car mechanic now has a medieval mansion worth £ 5 million to call home, with his own private lake and over 400 acres of land.

The enthusiastic Motorsport, 41, spoke last year about his plans to buy a new home with horses for his partner, Nicky Ottaway, 33, and a supermarket fleet for himself.

"There are many amazing cars out there – I will need a lot of space in the garage in the new home," he said. The winner of EuroMillions also describes how the couple hoped to find a "slower pace of living" by moving the country.

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