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A stroll through the top of the Habitat 3 BHK Duplex home that combines the comfort of an apartment and the style of a bungalow!
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Designed by Ankit Jain

# Dining area design

We created a foyer using an acrylic designer with a wooden frame box. We have built-in storage and display areas in the apartment. We have decorated the wall with dado tiles.

# Area Design

The wall at the entrance is decorated with waterfall and drawings. Blue light is given to highlight the waterfall. We have designed a simple TV unit with bottom cabinets and the wall behind it is decorated with stone lining. Lighting lights and focusing lights are designed to illuminate the entire wall and TV unit. Suspended ceiling is a periphery with spot lights and ceiling lights. The design light on the roof grabs even more the living room. A screen apartment is designed to determine living space and dining room.

# Balcony designs

We have designed a storage unit. A thin wallpaper on the wall and intensely printed lawn lawn lawn grass

# Design of bedrooms

we have given a simple false ceiling like a living room here. The TV unit has bottom offices and is attached to the study table. There is a glass top. The air cabinets are a top lift and a frosted glass shutter. An open wardrobe in beige glossy glossy sheet is designed to touch the ceiling. The closet is designed just across the bathroom. A cute little light spot is given above the mirror for better visibility.

# Design of apartment building

Some projection projections are provided at the entrance to display the wonderful collection of plants they have. A tall unit with a microwave cupboard is designed at one end of the kitchen cabinet followed by a box, a cutlery unit and shelves. This is a white kitchen with Corian's top surface. Acrylic white sheets are used all over the floor. The front loft is placed on the top of the stored cupboards. A well-designed utility area has been designed with plenty of storage space. A breakfast counter is designed with air-conditioned offices.

# Dining room decoration

The dish unit is designed with white and beige colored sheets. We have tile designers and focus lights to mark this unit. We have shelves on both sides and drawers with each other. An "L" carved design that can be used as a counter is designed. Housing from the dish unit is extensive so we can use it as an exposure area. A periphery with a rectangle between the sides is the false ceiling. There is a staircase near the dining room that leads us to the floor above. We have incorporated the CNC draws on the wall near the staircase.

Designing a family area

We have designed a false ceiling that is a collection of geometric forms.

Room Design #Pooja
The pooja door is designed with CNC

# Bedroom design

The study unit has a huge book store. A CNC compartment is designed to determine the study area. Dado tiles are placed that has under theme.The theme.The basement has both screen and storage units. Costumes and wardrobes are designed when passing through the bathroom. Sheets are selected in such a way that the whole room looks brighter.

# Larger bedroom design

It is a simple white wardrobe with glossy sheets. The TV unit has 2 long blinds with a drawer at one end. 2 extra corners are provided at the top for the screen. A thin wallpaper is designed behind the bed. In the passage to the toilet, we have designed a study unit as well as piece 2. The mirrors are incorporated into this area to give a feeling of more space.

Program Details:

Customer Name: Prashant Gupta
Apartment name: Habitat Crest
size: 1800 sqft / 3 BHK
Project Cost: 21 Lakhs
Includes: Modular / furnishings / decoration
Designer: Ankit
Project manager: James
Reception: Sowmya
Shot & Edit: Sagar Shankaranarayanan

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