Roblox | Bloxburg | 10k No home

Hello, welcome kids ♡
☆ value: 10k (10,755)
if you have any applications for future construction, please let them down as I like to read your ideas 🙂 ☆

He also notes: whenever I do not play gamepass people usually blame me for using gamepasses (rly tough, sometimes) (ouch, my feelings: c), so before someone gets started typing in the comments section I put and used gamepass please read the following bit information:
1) Multiplayer gamepass is not used because this house is just one story.
2) The advanced game path is not used because there is an option where you can disable the gamepass. At the angle below the grid settings, there is an image with two squares intersecting with solid lines. This means that the advanced game path is disabled and you will not be able to place objects within another. Dashed lines mean they are enabled and you can place objects in another. I feel that some people can also be confused and believe that because I can put things so close together that I use the gamepass, but that's actually something you can do if you have the gamepass or not. Simply click on the grid icon (under the redo & undo arrows) until the squares are the smallest and this will allow you to place things as close as possible without being in any other. (This was really something that made me mistaken when I started to build for bloxburg lol)
3) The gamepass of the basement is not used because there is no basement, and the big gamepass plot is not used because the house is too small to reach even the maximum allowed area of ​​the normal plot.
Okay, so it's all the gamepass building that could be used, but of course it was not 🙂
Let's hope this clears some things up because my intentions are never to drain off all of your bank accounts or cause you to all become homeless in bloxburg lol!
With what has been said, I hope this house helps those of you who start or just want a budget home. ♡
This house took me almost four times to build (hence the small house on the heeh side) because I kept dirty while planning and writing rip, and the third time I forgot to record a huge piece because I had to constantly constantly checking to make sure I do not exceed the budget.
Alsoo, the house I build is slightly cheaper than home on the tour because while I was building it again I decided to change a few things to try to make it as cheap as it could possibly have finally come to be about a hundred dollars cheaper. do:

anyway, that's it!
thanks to everyone we met, you are always so sweet! ♡
ilygsm &
hasta luego! ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡