New Construction Scandal – Kate Green MP – October 2018

Earlier this year, I published about the Woodsend residents who came into contact with me about the cracks and the insecurity of their construction in their new homes built by the Persimmon housing company.

I have raised the issue in parliament several times, since it is simply not good enough that the local families who worked hard and saved to buy their dream home have been treated so badly by Persimmon.

Members from all over the country also told me they had heard of poor construction work from Persimmon and other builders from people in their regions. It is unacceptable and I have tabled a proposal asking the government to be tougher in regulating building companies. If homeowners do not get their own home, it is time for the government to act to make sure they do it!

I will make sure to inform the residents about my work in parliament, after going back to Westminster next week.

Meanwhile, you can see more details about my campaign for local home buyers here:

Please share with all the residents you feel interested in. .