New Londoner 2016 – Tony Pidgley

Tony Pidgley, Chairman of the Berkeley Group, received the New London Award of the Year for his substantial contribution to the capital, while his companies were responsible for building around 40,000 homes in London over the past two decades.

The new Londoner, Tony Pidgley, Chairman of the Berkeley Group said: "I am very humble and honored to receive this wonderful prize." Our biggest challenge in London is undoubtedly housing, and there is never a single answer, politicians and developers and builders must work together in spirit
the additionality and affordability that London desperately needs and which I know supports the new Mayor "added" I strongly believe that building can be a force for good and doing
society a better place. There is plenty for our city and industry to celebrate and be proud of. Now we have to find a way to offer everyone an affordable home and create wonderful and interesting places, creating jobs and growth. "

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The New London Annual Awards are hosted and hosted by New London Architecture in London
to celebrate the best architecture and development that was recently completed or planned throughout the capital.

From a list of 136 projects, 26 category winners were honored in all areas of London's built environment, from Housing to Offices, Transportation and Infrastructure and Public Education in Masterplans & Area Strategies. Each program was selected by an international jury that consulted London based experts for the highest quality of design and the most positive social and economic impact on London.