Ventmiser CMSM reduces or stops false alarms of fire Ventilation demand control

West Energy Saving Technologies Ltd is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative environmentally friendly fan control systems and home ventilation systems, home-ventilation and ventilation of student accommodation. Using patented technology, our Ventmiser CMSM offers accurate DCV methods by detecting the use of moisture generators such as kitchens, baths and showers.

Ventmiser is a fully automated ventilation control device. It's completely transparent to the end user, it's really a solution and we forget. No need for recalibration, built-in sensors are powerful and with a proven track record of over 22,000 units installed in the United Kingdom alone.

The Ventmiser CMSM works by detecting the current of kitchen appliances such as the cooking hob and detecting the hot tub of a bath or shower to automatically boost or activate the ventilation without any interference from the conqueror. This has many advantages, including energy saving, boosting only ventilation when it really needs, protecting the fabric of the building, removing moisture and cooking smell immediately. Ventmiser has been proven to reduce false fire alarms in student accommodation, saving carbon and reducing the impact on resources needed for fire-fighting and rescue services across the UK. Ventmiser is now a household that has already won the H + V News Awards 2008, the Queen's Enterprise Award (Innovation) in 2009, then in October 2010, earning the product of the Year at the Housebuilder Awards.

Patented energy-saving controls are now recognized as a necessity for student housing and for the construction of new homes, in particular the 2010 Building Regulation for part F.

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