A monochrome country house in the countryside Designing small houses

Applying a monochromatic color combination is an easy way to give your home a harmonious look. It includes choosing a single base color and then decorating it mainly with different shades and shades of this one color. For small homes in particular, the use of monochromatic design has another advantage. Keeping everything in the same shade tends to make small spaces look bigger.

The owners of this appealing small country house chose white and shades of gray almost exclusively for finishes and furniture. There is a slight contrast of color to the natural tones of deck wood and a few pieces with emphasis. The variety was also added by the incorporation of fabrics ranging from corrugated wooden lining and glossy tile to coarse sisal.

The cottage has two bedrooms on the ground level 57m2. (614 ft2). The L-shaped flooring has an internal veranda in the inner corner. Keeping the terrace under the main roof instead of sticking to the side, tend to reduce costs by slightly simplifying the construction of the roof.

The living room looks spacious while the kitchen is quite compact. Many people can choose to move the dining room to the living room and then add more kitchen warehouse and space counter. The bathroom has a shower with folding walls, a space saving idea that we have not seen yet outside Scandinavia. Shower walls are articulated to the bathroom walls and fold when not in use, freeing space for drying and dressing. There is also a composting toilet, suggesting that the cottage may be out of the net.

Photos are provided by Mäklarringen. Via Forfur.

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