Keti Topuria on the verge of Topuria's Keti divorce confessed that her daughter's marriage

Topuria's mom Keti confessed that her daughter's marriage breaks out on the seams
Mom Keti Topurii talked about the problems with the daughter of the family
Singer Keti Topuria in late January was forced to literally dominate journalists. There were rumors about splitting the actress with her husband Lev Geikhman, about Kate's novel with rapper Guf … The rumors quickly died, but now gossip began to worry again about the family crisis.

In the last three months, Keti never sees her husband. Lev Geikhman lives and works in the US, the soloist of "A-Studio" highlights his daughter and is engaged in a musical career in Russia. The situation is ambiguous, but none of the spouses are in no hurry to decide on the move.

"Katie does not plan to move … He has a job here, team!" – the actor's mother told reporters of the project "You will not believe it!".

According to the lady, the last time Geikhman saw his wife and daughter at the end of last year. In the summer, Keti and the baby went to the United States, but her mother's singer is not sure the trip will be.

Strangely, formerly scandalous journalist Otar Kushanashvili laughed rumors about Kety's family problems. "On the third day I saw the faithful Keti (Lev Geyhman), it is a wonderful example of an eager builder who, with external and internal problems and enemies I saw, understands Jack Reacher's way by Tom Cruzashvili and if you think will allow the bad cheer of his wife and some rapper, which means that either you have a brain fatigue state (know who Guf is, so the state under which he knows well) or the cannabis dish like he (Geikhman ), live do not go, the more the boy, whose qualities are far from being masculine, but also from the most lenient concepts of the rule, "writes Otar at LJ. It's no secret that 30-year-old Keti Topuria and her 42-year-old husband Leo Geikhman live in a wedding ceremony. But this state of affairs has ceased to fit in both – this was reported by mother of singer Natalia in the air of television show "You Will not Believe It!".

After the release of a new episode of "You Will not Believe!", Rumors of serious problems in the marriage of Keti Topuria and Lev Geikhman began to be exaggerated on the internet with revenge. The point is that the singer's mother, Natalia Topuria, has recognized in the air the performance of how long Leos spends with his family – he lives and works continuously in the US and reaches Russia only every two to three months.

"The last time Lb arrived in Moscow at the end of December, he spent all New Year's holidays with Kety and his daughter and they left, married for almost three years, and all this time they meet, as the case may be, for which upbringing we can talk about Ketti does not plan to move, "said Natalia Topria in an interview with" You Will not Believe It! "

We recall that in early February this year the media suspended the news that married Keti Topuria and rapport Guf romance. One of the electronic publications became a public video, which supposedly captured the artists, but because of the poor quality of the video it was difficult to say with certainty. The singer grabbed the information about her very friendly relationship with Guf. But now friends of celebrities say her divorce is just around the corner. However, he does not hurry to announce it officially – supposedly, Katie wants to wait until the story with Guf is completely forgotten. .