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A small village on the east coast of Jutland is the setting for this small house on a foundation. Designed and built just last year by contractor Simon Steffensen, the home has a Scandinavian Contemporary feel to it.

The exterior is black wood, a traditional choice in Scandinavia, but here it was given a modern twist with perfectly aligned stainless steel fasteners, such as the contrasting stitches in a pair of black jeans.

Large protrusions protect the entrance and shade the large glass areas on the south side while the other two sides have no protrusion. The front protrusion appears flat, but behind the fascia actually leans to the side, acting as a hidden gutter for the main roof.

With only 24 m2 (258 ft2) in, the tiny house is a room other than the bathroom. The vaulted ceiling and the full front window glass make it spacious enough inside, although most people will probably want more of a kitchen than the tiny kitchenette in its place now. The design with white walls, light wood and light touches create a beautiful Scandinavian interior design. In a unique move, however, the oak flooring was moved to the rear wall.

The ceiling of the hypnotherapy space seems high enough that some people will be able to stand under the ridge. For the taller people, there is at least enough room to sit on the bed.

This tiny house is for sale today with a asking price of DKK 485,000, or about $ 74,000.

Photos courtesy of Nybolig.

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