This could be the perfect size for a small home! Full Tour & Interview

What do you think about this small house with 480 square feet? Full tour and interview with Maxime, who built and lives at home with his girlfriend.

We asked Maxime to choose to build a home of this size, how he found a legitimate place to put it, and how he now lives in the house for more than a year.

We love that Maxime's house has low energy needs because it is a small house with passive solar design, extra insulation, triple glazing and internal heating.

It has a well for fresh water, a septic sewage system and is connected to a municipal electricity network. He says that with its design and low energy needs, it was not necessary to invest in solar energy, although this is not always the case with every home.

We love the tiny houses on wheels, but we also love that this is a bit bigger and with its foundation, it helps to eliminate some small houses in trailers, especially in the plumbing. Drain pipes and water inflows are less likely to freeze in our cold Canadian winters.

This house looks like a very sustainable long-term housing solution for individual people or for couples who do not need more tons of space.

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