A Small House For Retirement Amazing Little House Design Ideas

This is the 592 Sq. Ft. The Hummingbird Cottage was built for the family mother by Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC.
Janne Zaccagnino created the plans for the house and normally does not see the finished product, but because he knew the owner was able to take pictures of the completed house, which he shared with us!
We are in the Memphis area and have been active since 1964. We have designed homes from about 400 square feet to about 10,000 square feet. I have personally designed quite tiny houses on wheels but I have not yet seen their construction. My philosophy about tiny houses is that it's not about the unit's square footage but about the cubic centimeters!
At nearly 600 square feet, it is definitely a "small" home instead of tiny, but I think it could make a big cottage. Contact details on the last page!

Image via Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC

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