I close the city to build my Hobbit home RESIDENCES IN THE AREA

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The GOING off-grid is something that dreams, but a former Londoner has actually watched his dream of living in a self-owned house in the woods. Kris Harbor, 31, abandoned his job, home, accommodation and a busy social life to move to a land plot in the Wales countryside he bought on Ebay. Sometime there, using recycled, natural and founding materials, he began to build his own round wood house from scratch, where he now lives full time. Kris told Barcroft Media: "The idea of ​​working for two-thirds of your life and having too little time to socialize and hobbies just is not right. Kris documents his work on his YouTube channel at:

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Videographer / director: Mark Hessenberg
Producer: Joe Roberts, James Thorne
Author: James Thorne

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