Creating Cityrene GFRG in Chennai & Customer Feedback

The GFRG construction by Cityrene Builders builders in Chennai and our customer reviews:
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What is GFRG?
GFRG represents glass fiber reinforced panels. The panels are manufactured in 12-meter lengths, 3 meters high and 124 mm (5 inches) thick, thus providing more carpet surface. The hollow cavities inside the panel are filled with concrete to provide greater resistance to the panel. The GFRG table costs 999 per square meter.

Why is GFRG superior to conventional construction?

Plaster that is a waste product of the fertilizer industry is used to make the panels economical and ecological. Glass fibers are used as reinforcing agents to improve the strength of the panels. Finally, the use of cement is reduced.

Only one cement industry represents a 5% increase in CO2 emissions. By using GFRG panels the use of cement decreases and thus the pollution of the environment is reduced.

In the area they are built with cranes only. These hollow cavities within the frames are filled with concrete and steel. The concrete is poured into each third cavity of the panel and other cavities can be filled with waste materials such as quarry dust and hence becomes more economical than conventional construction methods.

This video shows how we started the GFRG house and successfully completed our customer feedback on construction.
The work of Cityrene Builders is a good land project. Our homes are environmentally friendly and solar. We create our own electricity. One of the most amazing and exciting techniques we adopt for our homes is the production of drinking water from the air. It is not wonderful! Come with us now for a better future.

This work is at Kovalam ECR which proves to be the most fun place in Chennai. "East Coast Road (ECR), also known as State Highway 49, is considered to be Chennai's entertainment corridor. Buying a home in the ECR, which is environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical, is a dream for everyone. With us, your dream comes alive from the ground! GFRG (plasterboard plasterboard) is used to build our homes.
Developed area-3425 square meters
Number of floors: 2

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