Rapid house construction system in India – Construct Home within a month

Rapid housing construction system in India. This is tested at the IIT Chennai Campus.
This technology is now available throughout India. Apply this for a greener tomorrow.

FRBL Prefab GYPWALL is a single wall system developed with technical know-how from Australia's Rapid Building Systems (RBS). Finished finished wall panels are made of glass fiber and high strength.

GYPWALL panels are powerful as well as light and can be used as walls or roof boards as required. Technology is globally accepted and approved by the Technology Promotion Technology Council (BMPTC) of India.

SHINE Wall Tile and SILKY Wall Plaster produced by FRBL through a unique gypsum process are engraved by the extremely smooth finish and ease of application.

The standard GFRG wall panels are 12 meters to 3 meters long.

The construction methodology uses the GFRG panels as the wall and roof element instead of the conventional brick and mortar walls.

The thickness of 12 mtr to 3 mtr with a thickness of 124 mm FRBL PREFAB GYPWALL is manufactured in the advanced fast masonry unit and cut to the required wall sizes after drying in the automatic cutting unit of art.

The PREFAB GYPWALL panel, cut in size and fitted with windows and door openings, as required, is easily transported to the rugged-edge area.

The walls were erected according to the design using small cranes / launching facilities in the space. The hollow cavities of PREFAB GYPWALL are reinforced with concrete according to the construction requirement.

GYPWALL panels are used as a roof panel by providing a suitable solid reinforcement that acts as a microchip.

Using FRBL PREFAB GYPWALL as a wall and roofing element according to the instructions will result in savings of about 40% on cost and will reduce the required time in a few weeks. .