Fragile, brittle walls of Lodha NCP

Attention proud apartment owners in Lodha New Cuffe Parade, Wadala! This live test was performed and filmed in the Shilpi Thard apartment in the Dioro tower, for educational and sensitizing purposes. He exposed, for the first time, how fragile, fragile and fragile were the walls of the Lodda New Cuffe Parade.

If it was not Shilpi's permission and generous encouragement, such trials would not be feasible!

With this test, we showed how an inner wall can easily be torn open with bare hands, without tools. The thin frame and the low quality glass wool mattress were exposed to show you the real value of your apartment. The walls of apartments in Lodha NCP are totally useless! After watching this video, you can understand that the work and the cost of building internal walls of the entire house should not exceed the Rs 50K.

It is hypothetically possible for one or two men to cut each level within an hour, reducing it to a flat bare shell. Indescribable work shows that it would not take more than two days for 2-3 men with low skills to build these walls! These low-quality internal walls are neither fireproof nor acoustic, and they are definitely not long lasting.

And these are the homes for which people usually pay Rs 2.5 cr in 7 crore!

"He looked at how easily Lodha was destroyed by vulnerable buyers like us, saving our lives to buy a cardboard box in the sky that characterizes it as a 7-star luxury!" Shilpi mourns bitterly, watching the situation of her home. He wants no one to fall back into this trap.

Krishnaraj Rao
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