Minimalistic architectural platform style

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It is located in a perfect location sloping ground, here minimalist style sloping house built. The geometric architecture of this minimalist house is so simple, but it is surprising. The two-storey building has a single sloping roof. The roof is full of photovoltaic panels that produce renewable energy to lively the modern slope. By managing power load in this minimalist sloping house, the renewable energy obtained from the photovoltaic panels can be used directly for heat pump, air conditioning, appliances, lighting and charging electric vehicles.
This two-story minimalist style sloping house has an interesting layout. At the level of the second floor there is a simple yet stunning large balcony next to the living-dining-kitchen. The outdoor balcony has shadowed unified space with the main building, and completely open area that becomes an extension of the shaded area.
The front house slope design is also simple but awesome. The garden of the landscape in front of this minimalist style sloping house is dominated by turf. The appearance of this design in the hill's home is designed to maximize the views of the panoramic space and take the sunlight for lighting and, of course, the source for the photovoltaic panels. While the private area, such as the bedrooms on the first floor, in the living-dining-kitchen area is on the second level. This floor plan in the house of the hill is really interesting. The walls of glass-free frames, which are installed on the second floor, bring their interior. Shading elements that have also been installed to reduce the frequency of sunlight introduce the subject of home and privacy. Because it was built on the hillside slope, the house really exposed.
The exterior is really modest, with a white color aligned with this interior sloping home design. The interior of this house on the slope was dominated by a white color, combined with natural wood furniture and decoration and black furniture. To create a vibrant atmosphere, red color items and decoration placed in a specific area. Like a dividing wall between kitchen and dining room.