The Cowboy Cabin by Tiny Texas Houses, Beautiful Small House Design

A rustic little cabin sits on a beautiful piece of South East Texas, looking like it has been there for over a century. While the weathered siding and rusty tin roof are decades old, the cabin as a whole is not. It was placed there only a few years ago after being built 50 miles away in the workshop of Tiny Texas Houses.

If you are not familiar with Tiny Texas Houses, they design and build small cabins and cottages almost entirely from salvaged materials. They get the material by deconstructing old houses and barns. While the company's wiring and water piping are new for safety reasons, the company says that over 95% of the materials are reclaimed.

The Cowboy Cabin is one of their larger builds. At 12 'by 28', it has a footprint of 336 ft2 (31.2 m2). The kitchen is roughly in the middle of the ground floor and is open to the living room.

It looks like the living room is a pretty comfortable size and if you were willing to have one less armchair, you could fit in a small dining set. This cabin has a fold-down table attached to the back of the kitchen peninsula. There is also the option of dining on the screened porch attached to the back of the cabin.

The bathroom is behind the kitchen and features a shower lined with repurposed roofing tiles. The vintage sink has old-school separate hot and cold faucets, which look nifty but might not be so pleasant to use.

Next to the bathroom is a nook that looks like a dressing area with a good-sized closet and a storage cabinet.

The small cabin has a sleeping loft at both ends, with the one over the living room slightly larger than the one over the bathroom. The two loft ladders were cleverly integrated into the living room and kitchen shelving. The railing for one loft was created from a pair of old doors turned on their sides. This is a fantastic idea and very practical, as most exterior doors are around 36 "wide, just the height required for interior railings.

Besides the cabin itself, the property also has a lakeside pavilion ready for outdoor cooking and dining. Several photos of the pavilion are included at the end of the photo gallery.

The plans for the Cowboy Cabin are available for purchase. Please see Tiny Texas House's online store for details.

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Photographs courtesy of Russell Martin. Via Country Living.

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