Crosses for a raised small house. Creating a cabin on a hill. Installation of the Cabin Foundation.

First, I'm not sure if I should make a call to build a small house or a cabin so I have called both. With this, the tiny foundation of the house on an elevated slope eventually ends. I have all the beams, posts and braces in place and things seem flat and plumb. In addition to the fat thick bugs here in Central Ontario, I was happy to get out and shake the hammer. Have I mentioned how amazing the Stilleto Titanium hammer is? With a little luck I will put floor rails once this rain stops. However, as soon as the rain stops, the bugs will replenish and so I will need to take another bug in bug DEET. Spray spray sprays are almost Canadian like Tim Hortons, Dancers and Hockey. Speaking of the beavers, I have some beavers living in the small lake near this cabin, leaving hope that they decided to hit the freshly cut pines. Besides that, things look up and this tiny house building comes together nicely. I will probably keep the good times to come back and work here. I'm glad you're all here and back to the job I'm going to do.

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