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About Scheiffer Bates:

Scheiffer Bates is a vocal actress and impressionist currently living in Cardiff, South Wales, (United Kingdom). Scheiffer Bates found his gift for vocal action and impressionist work through the YouTube platform when an Impressions reel published and uploaded hit over 500,000 appearances within a few days, launching his other content to recognize the audience and create some commendable opportunities. He has appeared in news agencies such as ITV news, WGNTV Chicago news, has also made numerous appearances on BBC Radio 1, along with Dev, even showing his talents to actor Matthew Beard (The Imitation Game, Chat Room, One Day) . At the beginning of 2015 he also appeared on The One, presenting the first appearance of the year, performing his series of appearances in front of Rita Ora, Tom Jones, Ricky Hall and Will.i.Am. Scheiffer has also been popularized and recognized by celebrities such as Simey Turner (James Shannon of the Throne) James Kimmel (Jay Kimmel Zune) Thyr Math (Channel 4's The Mimic) and of course Dev (BBC Radio 1).

At the end of 2012 in early 2013, Scheiffer Bates started writing sketches and creating content for the YouTube channel that would be the foundation of his career. From the YouTube channel, Scheiffer Bates has won a fan base of over 159,000 subscribers and has accumulated more than 10 million views and is now widely known among the industry as an experienced and talented young Impressionist. In 2014, Scheiffer collaborated with comic and impressionist veteran Phil Cornwell (Dead Ringers, Stella Street, I'm Alan Partridge) and worked on many accredited animated shows.

Scheiffer Bates is most famous for the appearances of HBO's Throes Impressions and appeared live at the Jimmy Kimmel Show in Hollywood with his impressions in front of those who liked the actor Kit Harrington and Jimmy Kimmel, after the show for his talent appearing on websites and magazines like MTV, Rolling Stone, Independent, LA Magazine, TIME, Wall Street Journal, ABC news and more.

Scheiffer Bates continues to work on his art and recently sent Scheiffer Bates: I-CON to E4. He also works in games, narration and commercial voice. Currently he is still writing sketches for the YouTube channel by loading weekly. Scheiffer has also recently become the online ambassador of HBO's Game of Thrones. He has also gathered more than 1 million fans on FaceBook's page. .