Modern Caveman – Man Builds A $ 230,000 House In 700-Year-Old Cave

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The pressures of modern life mean that most of us have probably dreamed at one time or another of fleeing to the hills. But real-life caveman Angelo Mastropietro has made his hermit dream and reality – spending over £ 160,000 turning a 700-year-old cave, carved into 250 million year old sandstone cliffs in the Wyre Forest, into his dream home. The 38-year-old, originally from Worcestershire, was living a high-flying life as the head of a successful recruiting company in Australia when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007. The condition led him to being temporarily paralyzed – and inspired him to seek a simpler life.

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Videographer / Director: Jon Dean
Producer: Tom Midlane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

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