Smoky Mountains Farmhouse, amazing little house design

Alex and Susan sent us these photos of the farmhouse that were refurbished and now they use as a holiday home and rent. The homestead is located in the Great Smoky Mountains, ten minutes outside of Franklin, North Carolina.

When they bought it, the house was nicely positioned on a slope overlooking the old Christmas farm. It had a large terrace in front to relax while taking the views of the fields below and the surrounding mountains. However, the interior left a lot to be desired. The walls of the warehouses were not finished and the wood had changed over time. Other finishes were the run of the mill. Functional improvements were also necessary, especially with the small size of the bathroom.

Black and white paint coats refresh the exterior and brighten the interior. A new fireplace built with natural stone gives a powerful focal point in the living room. Alex found chestnut beams from a 150-year-old smoke bar for installation on the roof. While they are purely decorative, they bring a more weighted scale to the 20's. The floor is the original hardwood.

The farmhouse has two bedrooms at 1,000 ft2 (92.9 m2), one at the central level and the other one bedroom with an attic overlooking the living room. The bathroom is located in the rear corner behind the kitchen. After the bathroom was extended to include a large shower, Alex and Susan reappeared the kitchen. It now has a farmhouse sink located in hand-crafted custom wardrobes.

When they do not use the farm itself, Alex and Susan make it available for rent through VRBO. Thank you for joining Alex and Susan!

Photos of / by Alex Pringle.

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