15 x 60 HOUSE Design, 2BHK, with car park and 100 Gaj proper ventilation

t is a lovely 100 gaj parcel size plan (15×60). It can be built to 12 million with a full finish. If you want to build your home You can contact us in the comments section.
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How to design a home that is suitable for Vaastu-based homeowners.

Today we will plan 30 feet x 50 feet east Facing IG + 1 with 4 bedrooms (with attached toilet), kitchen (wash area and kitchen storage), worship house, living room, dining room, one auditorium There will also be WC, parking and outside lawn. So let's start.

The design of any plot depends on the direction of the plot, the plot of the same size is due to 4 directions due to 4 different ways, due to the change in direction of kadu, Vaastu also changes on the same basis. For example, if we design a plot on the eastern side, then the remaining 3 directions will be programmed differently on the west, north and south plots.

The plan we are going to tell you today is not according to the Vastu set, it is actually built at the request of a customer. After you see this you will be able to plot the plot of any direction to it. You will not learn Vastu completely, but you will definitely find out what is necessary to design a home.