46 sq.m. Small narrow home design with low budget

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46 sq.m. or about 495 sq.m. modern small house for a detached house built on a narrow and large plot. This modern house is a home for a newlywed home, so affordable architectural architecture became the main factor when designing and building this small house but not forgetting to guarantee essential and essential functions as a home. Not just the low-cost budget, but planning also needs to calculate the future expansion plan when the groom has a larger and steady household income.
For financial reasons, the steel structure builds the construction of this small two-story house. The steel structure applied to this economical design of small mansions not only reduces the load on the building but also reduces labor costs and reduces construction time. The total construction cost built for this small house was only $ 16,300 (United States Dollar). The internal cost of this simple little house was only $ 5,500. The cost of land is zero because it is a property heritage.
Yup, the design is mansion or architectural home architecture, but you can make a free stay or a home like this one. This narrow mansion was built in Vietnam. The mansion in Hanoi, known as Hanoi Tube House because it has narrow width and depth long block due to the real estate law. Well, every townhouse usually has a long location so kitchen with open design directly linked to the back garden garden design is common to the modern mansion architecture. Unfortunately, this architectural design of the settlement is too small so it can not accommodate a garden in the yard, as a mansion in other countries and cities, such as the Sydney Mansion or the Melbourne mansion. Because of this, this layout of the Hanoi home floor is unique but surprising.