Popup House – DIY passive house building

Implementation of the conditions 1. support, 2. small-scale, 3. temporary!
more info: #HomeawayfromHome
OPEN CALL: Design new housing solutions for scheme owners and other interested parties for social rentals.

The COA invites both professional designers and students to contribute to this urgent social and social issue. Participants are invited to answer the question of how the AU can better respond to the ever-changing housing demand for regime-holders and at the same time provide them with an appropriate temporary residence: A home away from home.

New techniques and materials
The COA explicitly states that solutions that go beyond existing housing are needed. Design power combined with new production techniques, material applications and technical innovations may be the key to this, according to the architect Floris Alkemade. In addition to the ability to flexibly use and quickly integrate, design points of interest include sustainability (energy efficient, circular) and affordability – in terms of operation, transport and storage. Projects must also be an asset for the environment, spatially and socially.

example: Pop Up House – DIY passive residential building

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