Forest Fire Lookout Tower House, amazing little house design

Have you seen a firefighting tower and imagine what could be an amazing little house? Glenda Kaser Alm was a young lady when she visited a 75-high tower with her dad and decided then and there to spend a day living in a tower house. Many years later, with the help of her son, architect Brent Alm, she brought her dream to life. The tower's design was based on towers of the 1930s forest service.

The three-story tower has a footprint of 20 ", but a garage occupies half of the ground level, leaving 1,000 ft2 (92.9 m2) of the living space. The other half of the lower floor has an entrance, a small garage / auxiliary area, a dust chamber and, of course, the stairs. A disadvantage of a tall and skinny design is that the stairs eat a lot from the floor area, in this case 150 ft2 (13.9 m2).

Passing through the second floor, you will find the bedroom and a full bathroom. The bedroom is large enough, including a home office space and a large wardrobe. It is large enough to be divided into two bedrooms, except that the L-shaped staircase means that the people who go up and down go through the office space. If the stairs were designed in U-shape, then it would be easy to find two bedrooms on this floor.

Of course the top of a tower is the whole point of construction of one. Like the fire-observing towers that inspired it, it has perimeter windows that offer a 360 degree view of the high landscape of the Oregon desert. With these views, it made sense to put the main living room on top. For those who can not manage the stairs, an electrically-moving bosun chair brings you all the way through two roof hatches.

There is a small propane oven in the center of the floor with the kitchen in the kitchen area on one side and the living room on the other. A freezer in the chest was turned into a refrigerator to avoid locking the windows. The four Futon sofas that double the walls as bed linen, and the plywood box bases provide extra storage space. The doors on the three sides lead to the catwalk deck that surrounds the house.

Having lived for a while at her gate, Glenda and her partner decided to spend time traveling and selling the tower house. New owners have made it available for holiday rentals via Airbnb.

Photos are provided by Airbnb.

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