Detached House for Sale (Potomac, Maryland)

This item has been sold !!

Detached house for sale in Montgomery County.

After 2 years of living in a tiny house I designed I am ready to return to the normal stay in the apartment. I've had great moments here and saved a lot of money, and I've had a lot of freedom, but now I need more room for rehearsing with my band and fun for friends. So I sell my tiny house.

Built in 2015 by Trekker Trailers in Eustis, Florida, I put it up to Rockville, Maryland using a Chevrolet Silverado 3/4 tons. In December, I was easily transported to Potomac with a Ford F-150.

14 "x 8.5"
120 square feet
Large window light on the roof
* 4 windows
* Kyparissia outside the main entrance wall
* Other 3 outer sides of galvalum silver
* Shower 36×34
* Wood Composting Toilet by Lovable Loo
* Kitchen of 4 square meters
* Small fridge
* 2 burner electric burner
Full Moon Hybrid Bed (Queen)
* Built on the sofa * Office
* Inner walls of pine and groove.
* Electric water and gas heater
* Some external storage units
* High-quality foam insulation with 180 mph spraying, fire retardant, mold-resistant and watertight seal.
* AC wall unit
* Electric heating plate
* Storage room, built-in floor storage, under sofa storage, external storage
* Twin axle with 10-inch tires
* Roof-style sheds

This tiny house is ready to hit the road!

Asking for $ 15,000 or better bidding.

Only by cash or bank control. Thanks.

Call Brian at 240-xxx-xxxx

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