Hot Glue Waterfall Mini Building Tutorial

Please see and see this Mini Waterfall Scene
DIY Waterfall in your Hand Hot Glue Waterfall with mini home building learning from Hot Glue NOVA Craft

This video will show How to Make a Mini Realistic Hot Water Glue From Paper Waste (Journal), Popsicle House Sticks Microscopes, How To Make Waterfall Scene With Newspaper With Details And How To Make Wire Tree Using Hot Glue And Wire
This video is an update from my previous project
Hope to enjoy with Hot Glue NOVA Craft ^ ^

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Material List
1.Hot Glue Gun
3.Packing of cardboard
4.Plus paper
5.Synthetic Fibers in Dolls (to make the Waterfall Bubble)
6.Model Leaves and flower
7.Acrylic color

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