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Application Connector:

Now you can copy a sentence or phrase to any application and get a direct translation into the language you have chosen. You can copy for translation into Chrome, WhatsApp or Messenger.
U-Dictionary works very well. You can download offline packages for 38 international languages, Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary and also English Exemplary Statements. You can use U-Dictionary without internet. Also, the installation package is only 5Mb.
U-Dictionary is not only the largest English offline dictionary, but it's also the best application for language reporting, English learning and vocabulary creation. U-Dictionary is the best companion for all your English needs!
Features U-Dictionary:
Copy to Translate: Copy any word or phrase while browsing, exchanging messages or reading news to get instant attention.
 Quick translation: Get meaning in the notification bar without opening the U-Dictionary.
 Offline dictionary: 38 languages ​​and English sentences, Collins Advanced Dictionary and WordNet Dictionary.
 Word for Today: Learn a new word every day.
 Small installation package: Less than 5MB.
 14 Display languages: Now you can read in your native language.
 Perfect English Pronunciation: Authentic English (British) and American (American) accent. Listen and find out.
 Roman script: U-Dictionary provides Roman script for a basic definition to help you pronounce.
 Exemplary suggestions: collected by famous international news sites such as the BBC, NPR, etc.
 Speech Recognition: Speak the word and get the point.
 My words: Save important words in different folders.
 English Articles: Useful articles to read on the home page.
 Desktop / Mobile Web:
 Articles from Blog:

U-Dictionary provides online dictionary and offline dictionary in 38 languages:
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