Amazing prefabricated guest houses Beautiful little house design ideas

This hostel looks like a cross between a seaside cottage and a modern miniature house.

The hostel was designed by Avava Systems, and despite the fact that it has all the necessary household comforts, it was only 64 pieces with flat packaging. With the facility, the prefabricated guest house reveals a small 264-square-foot room featuring a bedroom, a work area, a small dining area, a kitchen, a fully-functioning bathroom and even a terrace. The house lasts only six weeks to collect and use the water collection, insulation and solar energy as a way to remain environmentally friendly.

This guesthouse is ideal for people who want to offer a living space for guests with minimal environmental impact.

#GoTinyHouseHunting is a channel that shares #homes under 500 square feet and #tinyhouse. In recent years, tiny houses have grown in popularity. They are economical, environmentally friendly and encourage people to live very little.
Look around and take a look at some of the beautiful homes and places that people have created. Enjoy! .

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