Bundescloud as a model: more standards for government IT

Federal IT is traditionally heterogeneous. ITZ Bund is currently working to standardize them to enable more digital services and take advantage of technical innovations.

The Federal Information Technology Center (ITZ Bund) is the federal IT service provider. With the IBB, he is responsible for all IT services for public administration, for example for software development and maintenance. In 2015, the federal government presented a particularly delicate task to ITZIT Consolidation Bund ": Over the last ten years, federal IT should be consolidated and standardized so that the federal government can work more economically and securely.

Employees of the ITZ Confederation.
Employees of the ITZ Confederation.
Photo: Peter-Paul Weiler, Bildkraftwerk

This concerns so many different authorities, such as the Federal Office of Radiation Protection, the Administration of Waterways and Navigation and the German National Library. The IT of the federal authorities is very heterogeneous. As with many large-scale IT projects, it was important to avoid any confusion between standardization and gains in efficiency between traditional but incompatible traditions.

It is precisely here that the project "systematically promoting digital innovations and transformations and taking advantage of the benefits of standardization", of which the ITZ Bund was responsible, among others, for Crisp Mugabe, was launched. Operators have assumed that communication in complex standardization projects does not perpetuate itself, but that it must be institutionalized and standardized and that appropriate procedures have been developed.

In an automated process, the ITZ Confederation is now working with each "client" to develop a target development plan that includes technical and technical innovations for the next five years. In iterative client dialogues, we want to know if the project is still on the right track. Again and again, a semantics is disputed, which the informaticians of the ITZ Bund and the clients include authorities.

On the ITZ side, architecture management advances innovation. Technically, the Cloud motto first with the Federal Cloud is the reference architecture. Whenever possible, the ITZ Bund wants to use open source software. At a minimum, basic and cross-functional services must be provided as a platform or software as a service (PaaS, SaaS).

Mugabe's project ran from 2016 to 2018. In the end, the new processes were applied so well that employees with hierarchical functions can now establish themselves more. The public will be able to convince themselves of its success over the years because one of the Bund's goals of computer consolidation was immediately: more digital services. "The federal IT strategy provides a powerful and secure IT infrastructure for digital requirements as a strategic framework, and architecture management makes a significant contribution." Mugabe said.

Objectives of the federal IT consolidation

1. Advanced standardization

2. More digital services.

3. Cloud first, reference architecture: federal cloud.

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