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Garbage, heaps of dogs, vandalism: park managers get to work in Berlin's neighborhoods – Berlin

The Gare du Nord park is a very urban green space. So urban that you almost have to look for the green. Many employees of the surrounding office buildings spend their lunch break here. "They then pass their five butts through and throw the ends into the meadow," says Nora Erdmann, spokesperson for Kiezinitiative Grüne Schleife.

Because there are too few garbage cans and they are not next to the benches, they also deposit a lot of garbage on the floor. Ninety-nine percent of the dogs ran without leash, although this is prohibited. And their legacy would hardly be removed either. Erdmann is therefore delighted that the North Station Plant is one of seven parks in the Mitte District, in which two Park Managers begin work on July 1st.

In some districts, the pilot project has already begun, while others have not yet found work. Park managers have to fight against miserable neglect in many places. Because more and more people are making intensive use of public green spaces in the city, neighborhoods are overloaded with care. Especially after weekends, many parks are overcrowded, even against bans on grilling or just the law on dogs regularly violated.

They must address their faults to park visitors – and collaborate with law and order, police and free carriers.

The cleanliness of many green spaces has already improved since the Berlin City Cleaners (BSR) – so far in the pilot project – supports 46 parks and woodlands. This pilot project started last summer and should be consolidated.

Park managers must perform a different function: they must have a preventive effect, so that users react to their reprehensible behavior and move them in the best case to throw their cigarette butts on the lawn, observe the prohibition to grill and drive their dogs. And they should work closely with local authorities, police and local social agents.

The Senate has four million euros in total for the districts, about 300,000 euros each, but until the end of the year. As with the cleaning done by the BSR, the park management is originally designed as a pilot project that will be evaluated after the summer.

The Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf City Council criticizes the short-term project

A period too short, criticizes Oliver Schruoffeneger (Greens), councilor of the city of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. "It only makes sense if you apply it for five years and not for a few months," he says. "Who should make the request?" The Preußenpark, for which the district was registered in the Senate, will remain without park management until further notice. Every weekend, the Thai street food market is held – with many visitors.

On the other hand, it starts on Monday today in the Grand Tiergarten, where six park managers begin their work. "Especially for the city center as a center, the ecological and financial burdens associated with the maintenance and preservation of green spaces due to the high pressure of use are considerable," says the office district.

This is why park managers are now also deployed in Volkspark am Weinbergsweg, Monbijoupark, Volkspark Rehberge, Schillerpark and Kleine Tiergarten. Working hours are from 16h to 22h, the weekend to 24h.

The model is the Görlitzer Park, which has been for two and a half years at Cengiz Demirci as responsible park manager and some park riders. There the concept shows successes.

Viktoriapark has been running five riders since May, which also handles the parklets on Bergmannstraße.

In the Viktoriapark, since May, five riders in green and gaudy outfits split the seven teams, travel together for two and are also responsible for Bergmannstraße, where they have to rest in the parklets: residents complained about the noise, At the end of the day, the young people on the seats go out.

The project also starts in Steglitz-Zehlendorf: four park riders are planned in the Schlachtensee / Krumme Lanke area, and two more in the Stadtpark Steglitz. "At first, the focus will be on weekends and, even in good weather, even at night," said environmental advisor Maren Schellenberg (Green).

In Pankow, preparations are underway for deployment at Bürgerpark Pankow, Mauerpark and the Weißen Lake Park. The Senate also puts two million euros at the disposal of urban rangers who are not supposed to work in a localized way, but are used flexibly.