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Hardheim: "The fight for the hospital is worth it" (photo gallery) – Buchen

A day of joy for Hardheim: the reconstruction of the hospital was handed over Sunday, in the presence of many guests. The picture shows (from left to right) Mayor Rohm. Peter Scheifele (modular building Cadolto), architect Jürgen Löffler, Mayor Günther, Tobias Künzig (support association), Mayor Hauck, Mayor Krug, District Administrator Brötel, Fritz-Peter Schwarz (Friends), Nursing Assistant Paul, Chief Medical Officer Schmid , Mr Gerig, Mayor Schreglmann and Administrative Director Schön. All pictures: Rüdiger Busch

Hardheim. (rüb) "We are firmly convinced that the fight for our hospital is worth it," said Mayor Volker Rohm, mayor of the Hardheim-Walldürn Hospitals Association, on Sunday morning during the inauguration of l & # 39; extension. The real estate project of 4.3 million euros has been entrusted to a large number of guests from politics, health, business and society. The emphasis was on the ceremonial speeches, handing over of the keys by the architect Jürgen Löffler and a donation of the friends and sponsors "Unser Krankenhaus" for a sum of 35 000 euros. The ceremony was framed musically by a set of guitars from the Hardheim and Walldürn music schools.

Inauguration of the hospital of Hardheim – the photo gallery

Unfortunately, in the face of cost pressures in the health sector, people are often put aside, regretted Volker Rohm in his speech. In addition, there would be efforts to centralize and specialize major policies, which did not facilitate the task at a small hospital like the Hardheimer, with its 51 beds planned. And yet, the municipality has invested 8.5 million euros in the house over the past ten years because it believes in its future. For that one, we are ready to give Hardheim another desire.

"Today, with pride and confidence, we are dedicating reconstruction action in record time," said Rohm, addressing citizens: "If we use this facility, we will resort to the high quality of medical care, personal care, etc. " accommodating high standards of comfort. "

The architect Jürgen Löffler (GJL Architects, Karlsruhe) emphasized the success of the hospital's development over the last two decades and the construction projects undertaken by himself and his office, from l & # 39; installation of the internist's office in 2001 to the large recent project involving the creation of two extensions. : "This is the culmination of this exemplary development."

The fact that the vast construction project was completed in the space of only ten months and that, even though it is still operational, is due to the good cooperation of all concerned. The modular construction of the new bed perfectly integrates with the existing building set, said Löffler, thanking everyone involved, led by the site manager, Hermann Häfner, and the administrative director, Ludwig schön.

Later, Löffler presented the symbolic key of the new building to Mayor Rohm and Administrative Director Schön.

After the ceremony, the guests of honor, then many citizens, were convinced of the success of the renovation. The eight new patient rooms (each with shower and toilet) have received as much recognition as the new recreation room, the new intensive care unit and endoscopy rooms and the free room in the room. 39, fire escape.