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Klara and Anton Schmitt married for 65 years

After 65 years of marriage, Klara and Anton Schmitt – at the age of 80 – retire to their beautiful house in Vogelsangstraße, although they are in poor health.

Together, they went through a path of life that led them very early to Pforzheim. Anton Schmitt – "I am a carpenter" – studied interior architecture and found a first job at furniture store Felix Weber. A good base for the jump to freelance work, which he engaged with Berthold Charissé: "The Schmitt Center & Charisse" was born. The young entrepreneurs bravely announced: "We do not just want to sell furniture, but to advise you so that you can enjoy your installation for a long time!"

First in Schlossberg, then in the rooms of the Art Nouveau building of Kollmar & Jourdan, a modern living culture was staged. The ZP wrote: "A factory has become an exquisite furniture store", which has also quickly found areas of country house furniture and high-end office furniture. Even the art found a home: "The establishment" was a privileged place for vernissages.

In the 70s and 80s, Anton Schmitt and his partner have endowed many villas in the region with sophisticated furnishings and sophisticated interiors. And Mrs. Klara was still there as a commercial guardian. Although their mobility is limited, Klara and Anton Schmitt still play a vital role in world affairs. Anton Schmitt always accompanies his weakness for the art of today. Anton Schmitt himself designed it largely and moved in 2007 – there is modern art, a quality of life installed.

Mayor Peter Boch was impressed by the modern ambience in the couple's birthday house on Wednesday, brought flowers and a book and learned a lot from the history of Pforzheim in the post-conflict era. an interview with Anton Schmitt.