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The ruins of the Institute's night club will eventually be bulldozers. Domestic builder Nixon Blue is licensed to break the shell that burns for a new home. Designers took the decision more than a decade after closure. Richard McFadzean runs the construction company and grew up in Paisley. PAISLEY DAILY EXPRESS: Live news as it happened She said: "Since the Institute closed its doors, it has been ruined and has become a landmark for all the wrong reasons." We hope we can breathe new life into this location by the river and encourage people to live next to the water and enjoy the view across Abbey Paisley. "Our first development in Paisley is on Old Sneddon Street." We successfully transformed a space that was not used in apartments there – completed with a Hillman Imp. "With the links I grew up with, I hope our ambition to transform the site of the Institute can be realized." The plans will be submitted by the company to build new apartments overlooking White Cart Water in the near future. Nixon Blue wants to build 36 apartments and one ground floor restaurant in 22 Bridge Street, Paisley. He has prepared plans for 32 two-bedroom apartments, two two-bedroom penthouses and two three-bed apartments. Mr McFadzean insists that the site is incomparable due to close links with the rest of the country. The Institute collapses, with a roof missing from a fire. Originally built as an industrial shed, it attracted thousands of hostels during the period of acne. She closed her doors in 2003 and soon fell into relaxation. The building became a magnet for antisocial behavior and drug use. It has been destroyed by vandals and has been left empty since 2008. Nixon Blue bought the site at the end of last year after it was put on the market for less than half a million pounds. Designers granted permission to demolish them at a recent summit. Previous plans were approved to turn into a soft play center, with subsequent proposals to turn into a Chinese buffet restaurant. The company is also behind a new home in the former Carnegie club. Fraser Carlin, head of planning and housing for the Renfrewshire Council, revealed the decision in a report. He said: "The proposal involves the demolition of a long, prominent building gap to allow the reconstruction of a basic corner space in the city center of Paisley." It is considered that the removal of the building, which is in poor condition and is ugly, improvement in conservation area. "Read more Top news stories from Daily Record.