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Neumarkt: Turnerheim and Co. deserve architectural visits to Neumarkt – Neumarkt

The presentation of the special architecture included three projects in the district of Neumarkt

7 hours ago

The interest for the Turnerheim in Neumarkt was very strong. Many visitors used the architectural tours to get unusual information.

© Helmut Sturm

The architectural tours of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects are an annual presentation of the particular architecture of the state. Always the last weekend of June, a high quality planning and achievement in the areas of architecture, landscaping and interior design as well as urban planning are selected, presented and can be visited. On site, architects and builders are happy to provide information about the project.

244 objects in 148 locations in Bavaria were presented to the public this weekend. Projects include new buildings and renovations, upgrades, renovations, interiors, renovations, parks, green spaces and outdoor spaces.

Architectural tours 2019

During Bavarian-wide architectural tours in 2019, there were also three objects to visit in the district of Neumarkt.

Three projects in the district of Neu-markt were qualified: the Breitenbrunn parish hall, the Sengenthal construction site and the Neumarkt Turnerheim. The three projects were created under the auspices of architects Kühnlein.

Headboard received

The Turnerheim in Neumarkt was once a difficult birth. The municipal council has had some difficult times. Should the mix of styles from decades seen from the architect's point of view be demolished, or only partially? Should the emotionally charged headboard persist, or should everything be leveled on the floor?

A weak political majority decided to leave the headboard with the large terrace. To accommodate were a double gym, a large room for wrestlers with sauna, a theater and a harmonious combination of old and new.

Character preserved

"The building is not a monument, but it has an interesting character," congratulated Kühnlein for his building Mariahilfstraße. To reconcile all ideas, the architect in charge of the project, Thomas Ruidl of Kühnlein Architects, had to reconcile. This is not an easy task.

The wrestlers were better served with their rooms perfectly ventilated and a special floor. A sauna is also part of the equipment of the wrestlers. The auditorium is technically state-of-the-art, designed for about 150 people and equipped with noise protection against polluting silver fir. Access to the building is barrier free and there is a lift to all floors. The double gym was bigger than before. Problems caused the ceiling height. For this, the roof construction had to be adapted.

The old Turnerheim could be preserved in its essential and urban-trainer character. The main building of the year 1930 was remodeled and the double gym with club rooms was added as a new modern extension. Old and new buildings were connected by a glass joint.

Interesting feeling

The new simple cube is on Mariahilfstraße with a colonnade of columns of spun concrete columns. A brand new creation, applied for the first time in Germany, is the broken concrete block facade. The facade designed by Kühnlein Architects 3 is maintenance free, without surface treatment, robust and particularly anti-graffiti. The oblique fracture of concrete blocks 60 cm long creates an interesting sensation with an exciting shadow effect.