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The actress Lisa Martinek, 47, died suddenly during her stay in Italy

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The actress Lisa Martinek died suddenly at 47

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The actress Lisa Martinek died suddenly

Actress Lisa Martinek died at the beginning of her stay in Italy. The mother of three was only 47 years old.

The actress Lisa Martinek died at the age of 47 years. The native of Stuttgart stayed in Italy. Martinek leaves three children and her husband.

reActress Lisa Martinek died suddenly during a stay in Italy on Friday, family lawyer Christian Schertz announced Sunday in Berlin. The lawyer did not want to provide any other information by referring to the corresponding requests of the family. The mother of three children is 47 years old. She lived with her husband Giulio Ricciarelli and the children in Berlin and Munich.

More recently, Martinek has participated in many other television productions as well as in the episode "Tatort" "Artificial Intelligence" of Munich. In early September 2018, the series of attorneys "The Savior" Lisa Martinek starred in the blind defense lawyer Romy Heiland. For the series should be filmed from July to six more episodes. The story is based on the idea of ​​Pamela Pabst, the first blind criminal defense lawyer in Germany.

In the crime series ZDF Saturday "Schwartz & Schwartz", created last October, she worked as a member of the homicide team alongside Devid Striesow and Golo Euler. Previously, she worked as an investigator at ZDF: Since 2006, she has played in the series "The Duo" of Commissioner Clara Hertz alongside her series partner, Charlotte Schwab.

Married since 2009: actress Lisa Martinek and Giulio Ricciarelli

Source: dpa / Gregor Fischer

After completing her studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Hamburg, Martinek had already succeeded in a film in 1997. She was nominated for the role of the Lena bike messenger in "Härtest" in as the best female lead for the German film prize. She also won the 2003 German Television Award for her role in producing Sat.1 "Hunting the Flame Man".

On many occasions, Martinek has also moved to the theater stages. From 1997 to 2001 she was a member of the Schauspielhaus Leipzig. Previously, she was on stage in 1995 at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg in "The Dream of a Summer Night" and in "Mama and the Whore". At the Schauspiel Frankfurt, she was in 2002 in "Simulacron", at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, she played in 2010 in "Rose".

In private, Martinek became an ambassador for Mother Hood. The association is committed to a safe birth and has set a goal that pregnant women can be enlightened and can determine where and how they want to put their child into the world. "For this, we need women with individual care of our midwife and good birthing bases," said Martinek herself.