"The drawing collective is invited into the art hall hase29

Osnabrück. Some send their work by mail, realize it in person: the international art group "The Drawing Collective" has its own laws. She is now exhibiting at Kunstraum hase29 in Osnabrück.

No canvas, no frame – instead, drawings on paper hang on the wall puristically. In this form presents a new exhibition in the art space hase29 with works from the group of artists "The Drawing Collective".

"We are an international group whose members adopt and continue the formal language of constructivism and concrete art," says Munira Naqui, who founded the collective five years ago. 30 artists from twelve countries belong to the group. "Some of us have never met in Natura," says Naqui. Instead, they communicate via the Internet. Once a year, they collect their drawings by mail to expose them.

"Be Absolutely Concrete" is the name of the unscheduled broadcast that we can see in hase29. "We took advantage of the Bauhaus anniversary to accept the invitation of the Society for Contemporary Art of Osnabrück," says Naqui, stressing that they feel particularly well cared for in the place of birth of Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart.

The contact with the "Drawing Collective" was established by Jamel Sghaier, from Bielefeld, who is no stranger to Osnabrück. As part of an exchange with Tunisian artists, his works were already visible here a few years ago. Meanwhile, he continued his minimalist style, adding color to his black and white constructions. It gives a dynamic to the strict geometry with curved lines.

Drawings that recall the interior design, structures that develop a three-dimensional character and drawings of a Ukrainian artist with a graphite pencil on cardboard that achieve sublime qualities – the confrontation with the Concrete art is diverse.

In addition to the pieces presented by the "Collectif du dessin", the conservation team of the Society for Contemporary Art selected six artists from the region and one from Halle an der Saale, whose works fit perfectly with the concept. Thus, the exhibition is enriched by the great works of Frank Gillich, Manfred Heinze, Oliver Bekiersz and others.

"Be absolutely concrete – Draw worlds – Draw worlds"Drawings and objects made by members of the "Collectif des dessins" and others, Kunstraum hase 29 (Hasestraße 29). Until August 3, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 14h to 18h, Thursday from 16h to 20h, Saturday from 11h to 15h. Free entry. Information on www.hase29.de