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This is how Wagner sees the comparisons with Klopp

FC Schalke 04 has just reorganized completely in the sporting leadership of the coming season.

With David Wagner, a new head coach has been installed, Michael Reschke takes on the role of Technical Director of Royal Blues. In addition, Sascha Riether will remain after his retirement at the club as coordinator of the licensing department.

Sports director Jochen Schneider, who only arrived in the previous season, presents his new management team. The press conference to read in the ticker.

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+++ PK is completed +++

Now all the questions are answered.

+++ Comparisons between Wagner and Klopp +++

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "" He finds a lot of cool, as I think cool. I'm not boredcomparisons, note d. Red.). We have a relationship that goes beyond friendship. The idea of ​​football is very close to each other. And we can also laugh at something like this. "" Data-reactid = "30"> "He finds a lot of cool, which I find so cool.comparisons, note d. Red.). We have a relationship that goes beyond friendship. The idea of ​​football is very close to each other. And we can laugh at something like this. "

+++ Test match against Liverpool made up the next year +++

We played at Kloppo and we had a stomach ache when we finished, but his match in Premier League was different, so he asked to cancel the match. It will be canceled without replacement, but it will be repaired for next year. "

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+++ Wagner in public education +++

Public training was different in England, but there were public training in Huddersfield – but they were not used and there will be a lot more public training here than non-public training. "

+++ Schneider on a commitment from Mike Büskens +++

"I hope we will achieve a positive result."

+++ Reschke about the Scouting Department +++

"We will certainly improve the screening service, but the fact is that the staffing situation will change anyway."

+++ Wagner about the table situation +++

"The fact is that there was a gap, the top ten were there, we were just not there, there was a gap, there was a gap to fill, you get a goal from me: It should work better than last year, even as a table. "

+++ Wagner about housing search +++

"I have not found anything yet, I usually like to live near the training center."

+++ Reschke on new acquisitions +++

"We're looking for good players to help Schalke, we've already talked about the mindset, the scout manager is really moving, we think we have good ideas, so the question is what to do."

+++ Wagner on new acquisitions +++

"If I appoint a position now and that Lionel Messi is offered to us for little money … It makes no sense to correct some posts here, we did a clear analysis and we know what we want to do, but we also know that this is not a concert on demand. "

+++ Wagner about the +++ hierarchy

"Hierarchy is very important, but only if everyone feels responsible for everything." It is in Constance that hierarchies are developing. "

+++ tailor: Mendyl, Bentaleb and Konoplianka can go +++

"We had a conversation with Hamza (Mendyl) and his consultants," Schneider said. "We have come to the conclusion that he is looking for a new challenge and we have also talked to Nabil (Bentaleb), who is still in rehab in Lille and who will look for a new challenge." This also applies to Yevhen Konoplianka.

+++ Wagner about the discipline +++

"It is forbidden to smoke and I do not drink." I like to convince the people I work with, I do not need to tell anyone that he does not know how to drive with red, if he does, it will skip J & # 39; hope I succeed here too.

+++ Riether on old colleagues +++

"They can always knock on the door, and many of them have written to me, they always said that it's a shame that I do not stay with them, and now it is so, I am responsible for the coordination of the professional center, I am the link between the team and the coach and between the coach and the managers, everything that happens in the professional field goes over my table. "

+++ Reschke about Kabak +++

"All questions concerning the staff should be addressed to Jochen Schneider." "Ozan Kabak is a player from VfB Stuttgart and we are not allowed to comment, so if the situation changes, the new club will say something."

+++ Wagner about screws +++

"There is not a goal or a solution, there is a lot of work to be done, but it's also exciting, it makes us want to talk about athletics, fitness, mentoring , mentality, balance in the team, staff, we still have a lot to do Invest time and make decisions until we have a structure with which we can work as much as possible. "

+++ Wagner about Start +++

"We have been in touch for eight to ten weeks and we already have an overview, we are trying to bring people of quality and talent.We have been around for quite a long time and at the end of last season I already knew what I was doing, so I was able to talk to individual players and Huub, which is why I was able to influence my training on vacation. "

+++ Reschke about the position +++

mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm "type =" text "content =" "Here (as Technical Director, Note d. Red.) I feel good, I have held this position in Munich and Leverkusen. "" Data-reactid = "67"> "Here (as Technical Director, Note d. Red.) I feel good, I have held this position in Munich and Leverkusen. "

+++ Wagner on Klopp after CL-Final +++

"I saw him there, I was in Madrid, I saw him at the party after.We phoned a few times when he was on vacation, but now he needs to his leave. " Klopp congratulated Wagner on his decision to go to Schalke.

+++ Wagner as a +++ type trainer

"It's important to do some damage and not talk, but I do not like to talk about myself."

+++ Wagner about the exchange with his predecessors +++

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "" With Huub (Stevens, note from the editor) I phoned and met. It was good and insightful. I've had many conversations, not just with Huub. "" Data-reactid = "73"> "With Huub (Stevens, note from the editor) I phoned and met. It was good and insightful. I've had many conversations, not just with Huub. "

+++ Wagner on possible goals +++

"Talking about goals is a total nonsense, we have not finished team yet, the transfer window is still open, we want to play football that pleases again, there will be no points or tabular goals . "

+++ Wagner on the most important tasks +++

"It will be extremely important that we all work together to make the past a past, not to forget it, but you do not want to break everything." The team had some problems, it's clear We have work to do, but we have to find the right mentality, that is, to give and not to anticipate. "

+++ Wagner can also +++

"Some of you got caught," Wagner began: "I'm so happy and proud to be back here to tackle problems here, we want to have fun and play football successfully, how fast and how – no idea, there are less discussions and a lot more work to do, I'm happy when we start and I'm happy to be back in the Ruhr area. "

+++ Riether with a lot of waiting +++

"It was clear in Jochen's call that I said yes right now, I'm excited to start this job, I'll give it all, I'll support the coach and the team and I'll be there all days."

+++ Reschke on transfers +++

"We have ways to improve, we will, it will be a difficult race for any interesting player, and the name of Schalke 04 plays an extreme role, and this has an effect on players." However, in the future, Reschke will no longer speak publicly, not even to transfer rumors.

+++ Reschke launches +++

"We take on this task with a lot of desire and diligence, but we also need a little luck." The cooperation during the first weeks was fantastic. "He reports on a meeting with the supervisory board, which was initially critical and the petition expired, but then Schalke's songs were" sounded "at the bar, which had a special charm. "

+++ Schneider does not want to comment on personal data +++

"We will continue to try to improve the sport of FC Schalke for better results and I will not comment on individual players."

+++ Grotus comes from Leipzig +++

René Grotus of RB Leipzig will mainly support Schneider, who knows Grotus of the current era in Leipzig. Grotus almost resumes the task of Axel Schuster, whose club is separated. Schneider also explains that Sascha Lense is strengthening sport leadership as a sports psychologist. New coach Wagner Christoph Bühler and Frank Fröhling will be the assistants. Matthias Kreutzer will continue to work as an assistant coach and will also be active as a game and video analyst in the future.

+++ Asamoah will remain +++

Gerald Asamoah becomes director of the U23 team. "It's going to be even bigger and bigger, and we have to get the players into the first team," Schneider said.

+++ tailor-made on Wagner +++

"I am delighted to introduce David Wagner as Schalke's coach, whose active and captivating football is his intense racing game.These points gave Wagner the punch, as well as his personality, his openness to His mind has proven that he's improving the players, but even David will not be able to do it alone, he needs a team around him. "

+++ customized on Riether +++

Schneider also commented on a possible new sports director. "It was clear that with Michael and me, the classic field of a sports director would have been too limited, so we redefined the task that Sascha will support in the coaching team and will serve link between us and the coaching team. "

+++ rave on Reschke +++

"With Michael Reschke, we have hired someone who is more than a technical director, he has more than 40 years of experience in the Bundesliga." Schneider welcomed Reschke's commitments in Leverkusen and Bavaria. "In addition to his expertise, he has incredible experience, the first four weeks have been excellent."

+++ Schneider wants "the new FC Schalke" +++

"We want to build a new FC Schalke in the sports area and we will do everything in our power to bring the club back to better sporting conditions and no decision will be made here."

+++ Schneider returns to +++

"We will not end the season as if nothing has happened, the days of March were precious, they explained why we played such a season and I did a thorough analysis of the season, including Huub Stevens, and it became clear why we slipped into this sporting crisis, but these are issues that should remain internal. "

+++ Let's go +++

Schneider, Wagner, Reschke and Riether are there. Once the photographers have taken their pictures, the press conference can begin.

+++ What are the goals of the new Schalke management team? +++

Wagner has been training last season until his resignation, the Premier League relegated Huddersfield Town.

What are the Royal Blues goals for the coming season? Which players could come or go? What happens to Breel Embolo? How does Wagner want to bring the Royal Blues to the top of the Bundesliga?

+++ Official presentation of Wagner, Reschke and Riether +++

The press conference with David Wagner, Michael Reschke and Sascha Riether and Jörg Schneider is scheduled to start at 12 noon.