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Wunsiedel: better conditions for Luisenburg players

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Wunsiedel The actors of Luisenburg repeat already in the so-called station of the valley. The former Audi showroom, including the former König dealer's workshop wing, has already proved its worth for the second year as a rehearsal room for actors. The scenographers and other technical staff also work in this vast complex. Even if the lower station has already proven itself, it is an improvised solution. "Above all, the roofing is worrisome and the electrical system and the insulation must also be renewed," said architect Sven Hackl at the recent town council meeting. He developed a concept for the conversion of the building.

As Mayor Karl-Willi Beck said, it is not a general renovation. "It would have been much more expensive, because we could have built a new building." But the rooms themselves are perfectly suited to Luisenburg's needs, so that a conversion would be the most economical solution. Even after the current Luisenburg season, the builders have to replace Luisenburg's staff. Hackl explained the plans. As a result, the former showroom will be transformed into a professional rehearsal room. This includes, among other things, the installation of a dance floor. In addition, there will be another room for artists, in which other castings can be organized.

Luisenburg technicians also benefit from the best working conditions. For carpenters and locksmiths, workshops are prepared to meet the latest standards. The camp of costumes and accessories is also important. Accessories in particular still have to be stored in two halls in Schönbrunn. "Everything will be centralized in the downstream station," said Beck.

In the future, many passersby will have to abandon the lines applied on the asphalt. "It may be a bit confusing, but it's an individual copy of the stage space on the festival stage, and we're going to draw all the stones," explained Sven Hackl. . The "painting" will serve the actors for the first rehearsals. The scenographers can also install their elaborate buildings here.

The four overseas containers, which are still stored on the site, will use the Luisenburg as an additional warehouse. Finally, another storage tent is installed. "The big pieces can be assembled or dismantled here," explained the architect.

Due to the festival, construction work needs to be adjusted again and again between the two. "So we are working for this season until April of next year and from October 2020 to April 2021," said Hackl. The investment costs of 2.2 million euros also include the purchase of land.

Construction studies have shown that the roof is no longer tight in many places. "A lot has already been fixed." As a little confused, the electrical installation was found. "I talked to electricians about it, they said they did not touch it, because they had to measure all the wires, so it would be more expensive to untangle them than to completely rebuild the wires." electrical system." For construction work, thermal insulation costs are estimated at 686,000 euros. A post is also described as "a work of art". But this is not art on the building, but seats, lighting, a mixer and a dance floor.

In addition, in the future, smaller events should take place in the lower station – however, for up to 199 visitors. If only another came, the base station would become a meeting place. "Then everything would change because we had to comply with the law, then huge editions," Beck said.