Architects and Satellite Antennas |

The drafting committee has proceeded these days from the point of view of Vienna research purposes in Sweden, famous for its moose and coffee breaks, What the Swedes apart make coffee the design is also good. And here we come Josef Frank,

That of Baden bei Vienna born architect was forced in 1933 due to growing anti-Semitism Austria to leave and emigrate to Sweden. Here, he has become an icon of design with his unpretentious furniture and textile designs, which today have a cult status. in Stockholm is centrally named a place after him. Very good, because Franks The designs are of timeless beauty. This can also be reported by the Vienna Werkbundsiedlung, whose artistic director franc was. In the field of model homes inaugurated in 1932, 33 architects built 70 small individual houses. following franc designed there Margaret Schütte-Lihotzky (the inventor of the integrated kitchen), Josef Hoffmann and Adolf LoosThey all planned church buildings for the red Vienna l & # 39; interwar period. All have not been renovated as well as today. Hoffmann Klosehof in the 19th district, where all the details, up to the original courtyard lamps, are accurate.

Other buildings, also designed by prominent architects, were corrupted, for example by plastic windows, which were ugly by ubiquitous presence. satellite dishes are outdated (which we can not however relate to the municipal administration, there are already tenants responsible, and whose fabulous architecture of their community building is sometimes simply indifferent).

The Werkbundsiedlung has been prepared step by step for a long time. Now, it was the turn of the Loos house. The renovation is exemplary, a visit to the colony is recommended. A mini museum explains on the spot who built what house. Incidentally, a Beagle now lives in the Josef Frank House, which attracts the attention of visitors. Josef Frankwho, throughout his life, has spread a relaxed vision of "happy life", would not bother.

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