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In Hegelhofen, in addition to the construction project, 60 residents will be introduced to the themes of life and traffic.

The fact that the city of Fuggerstadt and its surroundings are very attractive left Mayor Wolfgang Fendt undisputed at the meeting of Hegelhofen City Council. Exemplary projects, such as the railway line connecting Ulm or the new district heating manager, are favorable. It is therefore not surprising that many people want to settle in Weissenhorn and in the districts: "The housing shortage is serious, that's why a real estate complex was built in Eschach," said the mayor.

In front of the 60 or so visitors to Hegelhofen, the head of the town hall spoke of the new construction areas of the city. North of Hegelhofen, a new living space must also be created. At present, managers are still working on the development plan, with details such as the supply of the residential area to be determined. For example, Fendt called the underground pipes: "It would be logical to consider ducts as an empty conduit to collect fiber optic cables." "With the construction of the residential area, young families will come to Hegelhofen," concluded Fendt. In order to ensure that children receive qualified educational care in the future, the councils have recently decided to create a kindergarten on the northern outskirts of Wei├čenhorn.

Hegelhofer wants the toilets to be rehabilitated

Regarding the cooperation of the citizens of the Hegelhofer, Fendt decided to redevelop the village square: "I can not say anything about planning because it is currently in your hands." However, no "solution of opportunity" should be considered, but "an intelligent thing that the village community does justice". Like the first suggestions of the city council to the city council, Fendt took the desired renovation of the toilets and a contemporary kitchen installation for the old school.


Road traffic also appears to be a constant problem in Hegelhofen at the city council meeting. Thus, some visitors commented on the situation at the narrow St. Nicholas Street. Clients, patients and guests would remove their parking from residents. Peter Mayer, commander of the Hegelhofer Fire Department, found clear words: "The situation is explosive, because in case of emergency, neither the ambulance nor the fire engines can pass. "

However, Mayor Fendt stressed the construction rules: "The roads are also dedicated to parking." It is questionable whether a unilateral parking ban, which can only be applied at certain times, can remedy the situation.

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