Knot DNS 4.1 supports 64-bit ARM

The Czech DNS registrar CZ.NIC Labs has released Knot DNS in a new major release. Some of the most important innovations in the current release include support for the 64-bit ARM architecture and the correction of critical errors.

is a Domain Name System (DNS) server under GPL license. The server is mainly developed by the Czech DNS server CZ.NIC Labs. In the initial presentation, the authors explained that they wanted to create a stable, open and above all secure system for TLD operators. The server uses configuration files of zone type and C of type BIND. Knot DNS supports multiple threads and adds and deletes fields at run time.

With the release of Knot DNS 4.1, developers have further improved the system and added new features. The software now also supports 64-bit ARM architecture (aarch64) and has a new cache collector that has been enabled by default to improve cache efficiency on large installations. cut. In addition, caching for small areas NSEC * has been improved. The http module also supports AF_UNIX stream sockets. Another new feature is the improved management of Lua tables for C modules.

Among the other new features in version 4.1, there are various fixes for the errors found, including the resolution of two security vulnerabilities, classified as critical by the developers. An update of the latest version 4.1 is recommended for each user.

A list of all changes is provided by the change log of the new version. Knot DNS 4.1.0 is now available for purchase in source code on the project server. You will find additional information, configuration tips, performance tests as well as detailed documentation on the project home page.

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